8 quick exercises for relieving knee pain

The knee is a vulnerable joint that bears a great deal of stress due to wear and tear from daily activities like walking, kneeling, standing, lifting weight, etc. Activities such as sports or dance that involve jumping or quick twisting/turning, high-impact activities, also make a person vulnerable to knee problems. Being overweight also leads to … Read more

Is Pilates really as good as everyone who does Pilates says it is? – The Irish Times

This summer parents are looking for tips, advice and information on how to help their children thrive during the holiday months. You can read all about it at irishtimes.com/health/your-family After Shari Berkowitz was injured during a live dance performance onstage, doctors told the actress that one wrong move could leave her paralyzed for life. She … Read more

Kids Less Active Due to Climate-Related Fallout: Study

Ggetting kids to be active in a modern world is a tough sell. It can be hard to compete with indoor comforts like video games, television, and air conditioning. Sweltering weather is another formidable barrier to kids getting enough physical activity, finds a new scientific review published in the journal Temperature that analyzed more than … Read more

Here’s How to Work Out Muscle Knots, According to an Exercise Physiologist

Imagine you’ve just completed a tough upper-body workout. Your muscles feel a bit tired, but all in all, you’re able to go about the rest of your day just fine. The next morning, you wake up and realize the back of your shoulder blade feels stiff. When you rub your shoulder muscles, it feels like … Read more