Want to improve your mental health? Helping others can be a good way to help yourself.

You probably don’t need a reminder that our youngest generations are plagued with numerous mental health issues. As Generation Z reaches adulthood, 27% report their mental health is fair or poora higher percentage than previous generations. But what you might find encouraging is an unconventional perspective on what could help relieve the anxiety and stress … Read more

As we wait for mental help increases, suicide attempts continue to rise

Demand for mental health services that peaked during the pandemic has remained stubbornly high, increasing waitlists and spilling patients into Maine’s hospital emergency rooms. Prior to COVID-19, Mainers might wait weeks to see a behavioral health specialist. Now waitlists are months long, said Dr. Anthony Ng, medical director for community services at Northern Light Acadia … Read more

A ‘better path’ for helping the mentally ill

Opinion editor’s note: Editorials represent the opinions of the Star Tribune Editorial Board, which operates independently from the newsroom. ••• Norm Ornstein is an accomplished author and speaker and one of the nation’s preeminent political analysts. He’s also a grieving father. In 2015, Ornstein’s beloved son Matthew, a champion debater, died in a tragic accident … Read more

Why we must fund mental health services

This week, Hamilton County commissioners are expected to vote to determine if three tax levy renewals will appear on the November ballot. One of those levies, a measure to fund mental health services, includes an increase – potentially generating almost $45 million annually, compared with $36.5 million at the current millage rate. We encourage the … Read more

Grieving the Life I Thought I’d Lived

Growing up, I was a studious, perfectionist go-getter. Even in my earliest memories, I was focused on getting the perfect grades, behaving perfectly and even eating perfectly. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I reasoned that all I had to do was focus on getting into a good college … Read more

After Push by Hochul and Adams, an Increase in Court-Ordered Mental Health Treatment

Govt. Hochul and Mayor Adams make an announcement (photo: Ed Reed/Mayor’s Office) According to state data, the number of people placed under court-ordered mental health treatment since April, when lawmakers expanded the court’s power to make such determinations, has increased 60% from the same period a year before. The data, provided by the state Office … Read more

Should Borderline Personality Disorder Remain a Diagnosis?

In a commentary-response article published this past week for the journal Child and Adolescent Mental HealthPeter Tyrer, a personality psychologist, engaged in what some might call heated rhetoric—or perhaps even “fighting words.” Tyrer is a well-known and prolific personality researcher with a focus on tracing the history and evolution of personality disorder categories from antiquity … Read more